Environmental Policy:

Sierra Construction Pvt Ltd., as a leading Multidisciplinary Construction Company in Sri Lanka, is conscious of its immediate Physical and Social neighborhood, and will protect the Flora, Fauna, Water Resources, Soil, Air and the Culture of the neighbouring Communities and take maximum effort to influence our stakeholders in the same endeavour by guiding and sharing our knowledge and experience.

We are committed to:

  • The prevention of Pollution of the environment to comply with all legal and other regulatory requirements and; To continually improve the Environmental Management System through Waste Reduction, Energy Conservation, Wastewater Reduction and to be Environmentally Sensitive when purchasing and all operational activities.

  • Adopt an environment plan for construction sites, and communicate to all Employees, Sub- contractors, Suppliers of the objective of the Environmental programme and make them aware of individual obligations on protection of the Environment.


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    Sierra Construction (Pvt.) Limited
    No:23, Havelock Road
    Colombo 05, Sri Lanka

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    (+94) 0112 584 681/3/4 (3 Lines)
    (+94) 0112 598 171

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